Management Web and positioning of web pages in search engines
¿Do you a web page and does not obtain the visits that expected?  Does the in line store  not appear in the search engines?  

Our service of management and positioning in search engines optimizes him its web page in order to emphasizing in low search engines you determined keywords.  

Also we offer web pages promotion campaigns or stores online with banners advertising in some of the pages that we negotiate, This advertising campaign enlínea offers 10,000 impressions of banner to a reasonable price of 100 Euro, we stand out that the subject matter of the pages where they be included the banners is Canary and goes since different sports pages, cultural associations, entries of news, etc...  

This advertising campaign can be expanded with the elaboration of you put on file techniques of the business that include the keywords of its virtual business, description of its services, products.  These you put on file techniques will be published in different pages webs negotiated by Hi Vision productions.