Outside Broadcast TV and video Units audio configuration
All the sound of this mobile unit is digital.
This mobile unit this composed one by elements or better said apparatuses in category broadcats. 

 Image Image  Digital sound Mixer with 32 imputs, exit in Master with ecualización and 8 exit ONMI as well as 4 Multiefect, dynamic by channel, and which this composed one for many elements of synchronization and digital adjustments.  

Systems balanced converter to Unibalanceado or vice versa with adjustment of volume and adjustments dinamicos.  

Recording of 16 Trails to real Time with system and Own Software.  As well as launch of Audio in 16 Trails.  

Image Image

Launching pad in CD, CASSETTE, MD, MP3, and any another format convertible PC

Wireless systems, is told Mic of Hands, of Flap, Diadema or multipurpose and besides monitors of Pre-Listens

All the systems or all the Connections is PACHEABLE